Monday, June 25, 2012

Let it Rain....!!!

Rain Droplets on flower, 
earlier spell of that shower 
It make me wonder ever, 
What a grace.. that eternal power .. !!!

the pursuance of rain 
Thy help me forget pain 
Life is trying hard 
to make me understand the gain !!!

The magical touch it gives 
To whoever it may reach
Everyone enjoys the blessing 
Dark shadows seem to seize !!!

So I pray hard again 
For the brightness it contain 
Let the goodness spread over, 
Let the world get it's rain.. !!! 

Bhakti Ajgaonkar


  1. इंग्रजीत टेस्ट डेवेलप होयचीये बहुतेक अजून ... आपकी प्रार्थना सफल हो|