Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I still stand there...

Moment come & moment goes
I remember... I held you close..
what a beautiful day it was
serene beach and engaging trance..
that long trail....hand in hand
and those foot prints on warm sand..
that lovely glance... the sense of belongingness
those magical moments... of togetherness..!!


yet  moment come .. & moment goes
I stand there, holding memories close
Days pass swift... but the night remain
the dark around soul deny to feel pain
I search those foot prints on empty beach
Just to find... washed off traces wherever sight reach


today on beach alone i stand
my mind follows you on foreign land 
I listen the joy that wind carry
yet in hope.. that distance we bury  
the mind knows the fact... that you wont return
yet heart keep saying .. you might turn
yet moment come and moment goes
I still stand there holding you close... !!! 

Bhakti Ajgaonkar


  1. अप्रतीम कविता .................माझ्या मनातले तुझ्या शब्दात भक्ती !

  2. :) सुंदर.
    प्रेम म्हणजे प्रेम असते...तुमचे आमचे सेमच असते. :)

  3. वाह. किती सुंदर लिहिलं आहेस. :)

  4. अनघा....
    हो ग... डिssssssटटो सेम असते !!!

    इंद्रधनू .. :) धन्यवाद !!!

  5. Rohiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit ...
    Thanks So much... Long time :)

  6. खुपच सुंदर लिहल आहेस ग.... :)