Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mumbai Monsoon

You stuck up on the road waiting in your taxi..
your routine travel road become endless journey..!!

The neon signs glitter glorious, out there in space..
Lots of light on the way.. primarily that of car brakes..!!

Your formals, your moderate heels.. all drenched in shower..
The laptop bag, the leather purse also forget their regular power..!!

You long for your vehicle to move..
Only an inch, the heavy traffic allows...!!

In background at times, "Ajaan" & "Aarati" swings
"Barkha Bahaar Ayi" on FM, unforgettable melody Didi Sing..!!

Empty stomach remind of office's eve snack sessions..
Samosas n Vadapav help you hold your patience..!!

Taking baby steps finally you reach your nest..
in day long rain, its an achievement al bate.. 

yet, next time we will wait for you soon...
Now that's the magic of Mumbai Monsoon ..!!!!! 

Bhakti Ajgaonkar

Purely incidental scribble when stuck in the traffic in Mumbai Monsoon yesterday.. :)


  1. व्वा व्वा... फावल्यावेळात केलेली खरडपट्टी इतकी अप्रतिम असेल, तर म्याडम शिकवणी घ्या खरडपट्टी करायची. चिक्कार श्रींमंत व्हाल :) :)

  2. सुहास ... कसचे कसचे.. :)

  3. वाह रे मस्तच झाली आहे!

  4. धन्यवाद मैथिली..